VIP Design Days

Fast-track your brand’s transformation with our exclusive VIP Design Days. Dive deep into a focused, one-day session where we dedicate our full attention to crafting your brand’s identity or website, delivering results that typically take weeks, all within one productive day.

The Process

Streamlined. Effective. Exclusive.

Maximize your brand’s potential with our VIP Design Days. Whether you need a new website, a brand refresh, or both, our concentrated, one-day sessions provide immediate results. Perfect for businesses looking for a quick, thorough transformation without the drawn-out process typical of traditional design projects, our VIP Design Days are a burst of creativity and efficiency aimed at delivering maximum impact. Here’s how it works:

Pre-Day Planning

Before the big day, we'll have a detailed planning session to understand your goals, preferences, and project scope.

The VIP Day

A full day of focused, uninterrupted design work on your project. We start early and keep the momentum going to cover every detail.

Review & Refine

At the end of the day, we review the work together, making any necessary adjustments to ensure it aligns perfectly with your vision.

Post-Day Support

You receive 30 days of follow-up support to make sure everything runs smoothly as your new brand or website goes live.

the fine print

An Important Note:

When you book a VIP Design Day, you are investing in our full, undivided attention dedicated to tackling your priority list throughout the entire day. It’s important to note that your investment is for our focused effort and time, rather than for a predefined set of deliverables.

While we typically complete the priority tasks we’ve set together for your VIP Design Day, there are times when clients choose to book an additional half or full VIP Design Day. This allows us to address more items from their extended wish list that we were unable to complete during the initial session.

Focused Creativity

Single Service
VIP Design Day


Choose between a Brand Day or a Web Day — focus solely on developing your complete brand identity, or devote an entire day to building or revamping your website for optimal user experience and functionality.

Double the Impact

Brand & Web
VIP Design Day


This intensive two-day session allows us to create a cohesive visual identity on the first day and an engaging, fully functional website on the second — providing a seamless brand experience online and offline.

What we can do

All in a day's work.

On a VIP Design Day, a substantial amount of focused work can be accomplished, making it an ideal solution for clients looking to rapidly advance their projects. Here’s what can typically be achieved:

This includes developing a full suite of brand elements such as logo design, color palette, typography, and brand guidelines. By the end of the day, your business can have a comprehensive, cohesive brand identity ready for immediate application.

Whether it’s building a new website from scratch or redesigning an existing one, a VIP Design Day can cover layout design, basic functionality implementation, and content integration. The goal is to leave you with a functional, visually appealing website that’s ready or nearly ready to go live.

Production of key marketing materials such as business cards, brochures, email templates, and social media graphics to ensure your brand messaging is consistent and powerful across all channels.

Development of digital assets like custom icons, infographics, or digital advertisements tailored to enhance your online and offline presence.

Time can also be spent on strategic planning, including marketing strategy, content strategy, or social media strategy to ensure that all aspects of your brand’s communication are aligned and effective.

VIP Design Day

Frequently Asked Questions

A VIP Design Day is a dedicated session where we focus solely on your project for one full day. It’s designed for rapid execution and delivery of design tasks, allowing for intense collaboration and immediate results, such as a new brand identity or website redesign.
The scope of what can be accomplished depends on the complexity of the tasks. Common projects include creating a brand identity, redesigning a website, or producing a suite of marketing materials. We prioritize your most pressing needs to maximize the productivity of the day.
Preparation is key to maximizing the day. You should have all content ready, such as text and images, and a clear idea of your goals and expectations. We also recommend gathering any brand elements, login information, or access needed to work efficiently.
While we strive to complete all agreed tasks within the day, if additional time is needed, we can discuss booking another half or full day to ensure all your needs are met.
The VIP Design Day is designed to be a continuous, immersive experience and is most effective when conducted in a single, full-day session. This format ensures focused and cohesive progress on your project.
You can book a VIP Design Day by contacting us directly through our website. Payment is typically required in advance to secure your spot. This not only confirms your commitment but also allows us to allocate the necessary resources and prep time to fully focus on your project.
Yes, we provide 30 days of follow-up support after the VIP Design Day to ensure that any final adjustments can be made and that you’re fully satisfied with the deliverables.
Given the nature of the service, we usually require a minimum notice period for cancellations, typically around two weeks, so we can adjust our scheduling accordingly. Cancellations made after this period may be subject to a cancellation fee.

Book a VIP Design Day

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