Website Design

If you’re running any brand, there’s a good chance you need a website. A well-designed site can inform, engage, market, sell, and do so much more to help reach your goals.

The Process

How to Get Started

Your website is a vessel for your larger message, which should be developed independent of the site’s design, and very closely aligned with the goals, needs, and operations of your business. Before the design process begins, we need to have a clear vision for the site’s purpose, goals, and audience. Content — the words and media on the site — is required before design begins.  So … how ready is your content?

Ready for Design

If your content is ready, it's time to bring your vision to life! Submit your project details so we can begin transforming your prepared materials into a stunning, functional WordPress website that truly represents your brand.

In Progress

To ensure a seamless and effective website build, we cannot begin the design phase until all content is finalized. Download our FREE Website Prep Checklist with essential tips and guidance to streamline your content creation process.

Needs Help

Not sure what to do? We're ready to assist you in refining your ideas and structuring your information effectively for the web. Book a consultation today, and let's ensure your content is compelling and ready for the next step.

Flex & Scale

Why WordPress?

We exclusively build WordPress websites for our clients because the platform is adaptable, easy to use, and efficient for various website types, from personal blogs to large online stores. WordPress is cost-effective, making it a practical choice for our clients who need a reliable and flexible website solution without a large upfront investment, and offers excellent tools for improving search engine rankings, which is vital for online visibility. What we love most is that WordPress allows for easy customization with its wide range of themes and plugins, which means we can tailor each site to your specific needs.

Website Content Workshop


Not sure what to put on your website? No problem! Our 1:1 Website Content Workshop was created to help clients understand and determine what their needs are before moving to design. This workshop can either be added to a design project or purchased solo, and covers:

The Process

What to Expect

Discovery & Strategy

Defining Objectives and Planning

This initial phase combines understanding your business needs and strategic planning. We’ll gather essential information about your goals, target audience, and desired website functionalities. Then, we create a strategic plan that outlines the site architecture and user experience to ensure the website aligns with your business objectives.

Design & Development

Creating and Building Your Site

We merge the design and development phases to streamline the process. First, we create a cohesive visual style for your website, including layout, color schemes, and typography. Following design approval, we transform these elements into a functional website, integrating responsive design and all necessary technologies.

Integration & Testing

Optimizing and Ensuring Quality

Once the website framework is in place, we integrate and optimize all content, including text, images, and videos. Concurrently, we perform comprehensive testing across various devices and browsers to ensure functionality, security, and optimal user experience, addressing any issues before the site goes live.

Launch & Support

Going Live and Ongoing Maintenance

The final phase involves launching your website, configuring server settings, and ensuring a smooth public debut. Post-launch, we provide ongoing support to address any immediate issues and offer continuous maintenance options to keep your site updated and performing well over time.

Brand + Web Design

Comprehensive Branding Package

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From initial brand strategy and design to expert copywriting and final website launch, we offer a complete package that ensures you can confidently present your brand to the world.

For Newer Businesses

VIP Website
Design Day

Starts at $3,000

We dedicate an entire day to focus exclusively on your project, accelerating the design process to deliver a fully functional, beautifully crafted website by the end of the session.


Web Design Add-Ons

Website Design

Frequently Asked Questions

Our website design process is structured into several key phases: initial consultation, strategy session, design mockups, revisions, final approval, and launch. Each step is crafted to ensure that the final product aligns perfectly with your brand’s vision and objectives.

The timeline for building a website can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the responsiveness of the client during the feedback phases. Typically, a basic website takes about 4-6 weeks from start to finish, while more complex sites may take longer.
Absolutely, ensuring your website is mobile-friendly is a top priority. We design all websites to be responsive, meaning they will adapt seamlessly to fit the screen size of any device, from desktops to smartphones.

Yes, we can! We offer copywriting services to help create compelling and SEO-friendly content for your website. We work closely with you to ensure the content accurately reflects your brand’s voice and meets your strategic goals.

We exclusively build websites using WordPress. This platform allows for a high degree of customization and flexibility, making it ideal for creating unique, scalable websites that can grow with your business.

We provide training on how to manage and update your website after launch. Additionally, we offer ongoing support and maintenance packages to help keep your website updated, secure, and performing optimally.

Website Project Inquiry

Thank you for considering us for your website design! Please take a moment to fill out the following form with some basic details about your project. The information you provide will help us better understand your needs and tailor our services to meet your requirements effectively. We look forward to collaborating with you to bring your vision to life!